AfricaCom, the leading tech event, returned for its 17th annual edition in November 2014, which was held at the CTICC. The event was a great success with over 9,000 attendees. This was the second time that I was privileged to be a part of AfricaCom with 11 events in 3 days, covering exhibitions, masterclasses, panel discussions and networking, just to name a few.



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The Hamptons

When asked to go to The Hamptons, one naturally thinks of getting on an aeroplane and heading off to Long Island New York.  In this case however, interior designer Judith Hendry transformed an ordinary Sea Point apartment in the ideal Hamptons apartment, just across the road from the promenade. I love the way the space has been redesigned adding huge value to every part of the apartment. The colours and textures used in the decor provide a calm and peaceful place of comfort.

Make Five – Maak Vyf

I’ve been working on a few projects with food consultant Heleen Meyer and was asked to shoot her new book for her, Make Five. (Available in Afrikaans as Maak Vyf). This book has been amazing to shoot and for me personally it has been a book I’ve really enjoyed shooting. I must thank Heleen for what I have seen as one of the best briefs that I have received for a book project with Pinterest mood boards and constant updates on our shots.

We were able to have the mood boards open on one of our computer screens while seeing what we were shooting on the other, making comparisons to lighting, depth and backgrounds choices etc. While Heleen and her team were busy with prepping and styling, I would be fine tweaking the photography to get each one just right before the final shot was taken.

The book contains easy recipes where one ingredient is used in five different ways. From salads, to side dishes and meals and never forgetting dessert like the delicious rose-water panna cotta with roasted strawberries.

Make Five is available through Heleen’s website, at book stores nation wide (South Africa), and can also be purchased online. For a video preview of the book, click here.



For The Love Of Avocado

My son Joshua will tell you that one of his most favourite things to eat is an avocado. He simply loves avocado and can have one every day whether its scooped out of the skin with a teaspoon or on toast or in a salad, this is his choice fruit.

When having the chance to shoot avocado, it is always great to see how food editors, stylist and consultants make use of the avocado. So on this shoot with Heleen Meyer, I was exited to see what to do at home for the family. We shot various step by steps, one of which was of how to make your own guacamole which forms part of the Woolworths In-Store promotion presentations. Along with these images was a main image to be used on the Woolworths recipe cards.

Now that I have my set of recipe cards its time for me to stock up on avocado and make my own guacamole.

For the Kids

What a privilege to have been part of this day when life was not about us, but about the children. I’m not talking about my own kids, but those who live far from us in conditions very different from our own. Most of these kids live in the Koue Bokkeveld Mountains north of Ceres in the Western Cape where it snows in winter and they don’t have enough clothing to keep them warm through these winter months.

This has been a project run by the Royal Kidz, who look at the immediate needs of kids in poverty stricken areas. They were brought by bus to Ceres on a very cold and wet day to receive their own school tracksuit, beenie, scarf and a pair of school shoes. Sponsors helped to get all 369 kids from their homes to Ceres, clothing them, motivating them, feeding them and getting them back home safely with their heads held high and proud of their new uniforms. For the first time, they went to school the following week with a complete uniform, ready and warm to study for their bright future.


There’s a cheetah in the house.

The Tai Kang Banquet Dinner was a spectacular affair held at the CTICC. The decor was brilliant for this event with the venue being  transformed into an African adventure. Filled with everything African and the entertainment to captivate the audience, there was one special guest that had to make an appearance. One of the Cheetahs from the cheetah outreach.

This was a serious “kodak moment”.  Every photographer, videographer, smartphone user,  tablet user,  “jumped” to get their part of the action. You can’t just say “come here kitty kitty,” that doesn’t work. Careful instructions from the handlers had to be observed. Staying calm, being next to one of the most beautiful animals on the planet was a great experience.



Fine Brandy Fusion at the CTICC

The best of brandy was seen in the Mother City at the Fine Brandy Fusion 2014  held at the CTICC.  The award winning brandies with 50 premium brandy brands and masterclasses with tasting sessions were all held under one roof.  Each stall with its own design of elegance and prestige.

Another award winner was in “the house”, Mi Casa.  The band that has more than just South African’s talking, took to the stage, got the crowd on their feet and everybody loved every minute of the bands performance.  Leaving the best for last, they ended off with Jika which is one of their most popular hits.



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