Blouberg Beach

I decided to go to Blouberg beach this morning and see what I could find to photograph.

It was peaceful and quite, with a cold breeze. Walking along with tripod in hand, I found “my spot” and started to set up. I reset my ISO to what I thought was 50 ISO, to get longer shutter speeds to show movement on the water. Not being long enough for the look, I added a polarizing filter and started to shoot. I knew something was not quite right, but continued to shoot. After I got hit by a wave, now drenched from the knees down, I packed up my things and went back to the car.

I decided to see what was bugging me while shooting, only to discover that the ISO went to “Auto ISO”. So, not knowing what ISO was used on any of the pictures, I came back to download and edit. On average, the camera chose between 320 ISO and 400 ISO. I decided to enhance the noise (grain) and add some more colour to the images.

Here are some of the shots.


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