Kalk Bay

The past few days I’ve had the urge to go to Kalk Bay. This picturesque place is not too far from where we live. About a 40 minute drive, provided there’s no traffic. I decided to park at the harbour, but the parking was full. Only as I walked closer did I see that it was not full due to parking, but rather due to construction. So my place of beauty was spoiled. But I continued to look around for a photographic opportunity. I walked along the smaller of the two piers, looked around and set up my camera. The weather was overcast, but a little bit of sun shone in the area. While I was setting up, I could feel the weather turn…..for the worse. My shot that I had in my viewer suddenly went dark, the sun was gone and in the distance the rain was falling. I took the shot then turned around to take another. With the wind picking up, I had to hurry, and before packing up, I shot the image of the entrance to the harbour. This is definitely my shot, the shot, as by now, the raindrops started to fall and I needed to run for cover. On the way back to the vehicle, I stopped, in the rain, to take the shot of the boat with the buoys.

Once I got back, the images were processed using Capture One Pro. Tweaking the colours , I ¬†decided to make a black and white version of the images. I’ve always loved black and white and miss the smell of the darkroom. With a bit of digital burning, dodging and contrast control, I tried to get to the Agfa grade 4 black and white paper look of just a few years ago.



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