Exhibition – The Beginning of Time

About the Exhibition:
I was at the Knead Bakery in the early hours of the morning shooting for this exhibition. The staff, assistant and myself had a busy morning trying to get as many shots taken before opening time and the breakfast rush. Most of the images taken were very commercial, which is rightly so as a commercial photographer, but as we got nearer the end of our journey that day, we saw a new dawn. The “stars” began to shine from the broken breadcrumbs on our last shot. And so, as I was documenting the beginning of bread making, a new concept was born. The Beginning of Time.

We all have seen the stars of the night sky and have been amazed at their beauty. Each one placed in position by God for us to enjoy. I have merely tried by my human standards to recreate creation using the raw ingredients as my subject.

The Beginning of Time Exhibition reflects on these three areas.
– The Creation (The Galaxy Collection)
– The Hands of Hope (The Hand Collection)
– The Bread of Life (The Bread Collection)

Thank you:
My wife Janine and our two boys, Joshua and Matthew for their support.
Knead Bakery Kloof Street, Evan Faull, Pauli Vlok and the staff who helped so willingly. Knead Bakery Wembley Square for hosting the Exhibition.
Hannah Orlowski for assisting on the shoot.
Jenny Altschuler and her team for The Cape Town Month of Photography.

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