Macro Workshop

The Cape Town Photographic Society asked me to host a workshop on macro photography for them. I had been one of the judges at their monthly meeting and this was a great opportunity to show both them and myself how to get closer to ones subject.

To start the session, there was a mystery shot that I took the day before. The one who guessed it right, went home with a decadent chocolate. It took quite a few hints before the prize was won, but that is because the world of macro can look so different from the norm.

Photographers got to do some shooting first before the session with live shooting began. After our time together, we went and shot the same things that were done before we started. The transformation of the images was amazing, as one smile after the other come back to show their shots.

Macro is an amazing world, an adventure to discover the not so obvious.

Here are some of the shots taken during the workshop.

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