Flowering Garlic Chive

At home we have our little herb garden near the kitchen door. I’ve been watching the herbs as they grow from season to season. This time however, I marveled at the white flowers of the garlic chives and waited till they were in different stages of flowering before doing this shoot.

My inspiration for these shots came from some birthday cards my wife bought years ago which are framed and hang in one of our bedrooms. I prefer these images in black and white making them more timeless.

There is just something about black and white photography that I love. It has the potential to outlast colour.

NLP GarlicFlower280213 018 1

NLP GarlicFlower280213 021 1

NLP GarlicFlower280213 054 1

NLP GarlicFlower280213 035 1

NLP GarlicFlower280213 037 1

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