Mini Gerbera

Flowers are part of God’s unique creation where no two are alike. They resemble beauty beyond our grasp and we as mere man, can only be in awe of what is displayed for us to see. While passing by a florist, I saw these mini Gerbera’s. They were all bundled according to their colours. “But what if I could make a bundle of my own” I wondered. Wondering turned into question, so I asked the owner if it was possible. While giving me the nod, I had to ask one more question. “Would you mind if I hand selected my bundle, I need to photograph it?”

Giving me another go-ahead, I selected tree bundles of each colour, took them apart and reselect a multicolour bundle just for me. Yes, I know it seems a little selfish, but it was for a good cause and I’m sure you will agree.

Featured here are Rosalin in white, Damar in orange and Showgirl in pink.


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