On the Rocks

We were invited by some friends of ours to join them for a weekend getaway to a resort in Hermanus. With some time to relax after the journey and stretching our legs by playing games with the boys on the field outside our unit, we headed to see what the beach was like. I was taken by surprise to see not a beach as in sand, but rock formations from one side to the other that have been battered by the wind and water of years gone by, leaving ripples in the rocks on one side and jagged edges in the other.

As I anticipated shooting these rocks the next mooring, I had to wait another day due to the weather, so on our last morning there, I was up before the crack of dawn to get sunrise over the rocks. Walking from one side of the beach to the other I would find these rocky outcrops fascinating. Nature has a beauty that The Creator put in place to shape and form the land on which we live and walk and have our being.

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