For the Kids

What a privilege to have been part of this day when life was not about us, but about the children. I’m not talking about my own kids, but those who live far from us in conditions very different from our own. Most of these kids live in the Koue Bokkeveld Mountains north of Ceres in the Western Cape where it snows in winter and they don’t have enough clothing to keep them warm through these winter months.

This has been a project run by the Royal Kidz, who look at the immediate needs of kids in poverty stricken areas. They were brought by bus to Ceres on a very cold and wet day to receive their own school tracksuit, beenie, scarf and a pair of school shoes. Sponsors helped to get all 369 kids from their homes to Ceres, clothing them, motivating them, feeding them and getting them back home safely with their heads held high and proud of their new uniforms. For the first time, they went to school the following week with a complete uniform, ready and warm to study for their bright future.


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