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I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over 25years, and have been privileged to be part of the photography industry in South Africa. Growing up in Pretoria and working in camera retail and studios, I had moved to Cape Town as a young adult, pursuing my career as a photographer where I worked in the magazine and advertising industries, and for the past few years I have been working in the e-commerce sector.

Photography has been part of my life since I can remember, going back to being in junior school and buying my first camera, a Kodak 110. But it was only later when I was in my 20’s that photography really became a part of me. I bought my first 35mm camera, a Pentax MG and my first 120mm camera, a Yashica D. Still today, this square format of 6×6 that I first learnt on the Yashica is my favourite and have subsequently used Mamiya C220 and C330 as well as Hasselblad V system.

Camera technology has evolved, so when Canon brought out their first autofocus 35mm, I bought myself a Canon EOS 620. Of course, digital came a long a few years later, but by this time I was working for one of the largest media houses in South Africa and had the opportunity to work with many other cameras and formats on the market from 4″x5″, 6×7, 645 and the 24x65mm format of the Hasselblad X-Pan.

The first digital camera I worked with had a medium format 6Mp digital back, fitted to a Mamiya 645. My personal favourite for many years after that was the 16Mp Canon EOS 1Ds MKII. Digital photography has progressed to 100Mp in medium format and 50Mp in 35mm cameras, where most 35mm cameras are capable of shooting video.

I’ve been blessed to have been part of both worlds of film and digital photography, being able to experience the black and white darkroom and the digital darkroom. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but photography is more than images and words. Photography creates memories. Photography creates emotion. Photography creates.

My blog is a creative space sharing past shoots and will also be a place of sharing new thoughts and my experiences. My philosophy in life is to: Love God, Treasure Life, Capture The Moment.

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