Take a walk on the wild side. (Carnivores only)

Take a walk on the wild side of cuisine. We have been shooting, I mean photographing, venison for the special winters edition of Landbouweekblad’s Boerekos. Normally not something that is readily available in the summer months, but Checkers South Africa has a variety of Springbok cuts. So, today’s specials are Springbok Pinotage burger with rocket, blue cheese and caramelised onions on the left. On…


Living in the Cape Town, we often have the most spectacular cloud formations. These are a few I shot a few days ago. While having dinner with the family, we noticed a “pink” colouring in the light. I grabbed my tripod and camera, and set up for these shots. Obviously, by the time I was done, dinner was cold, but it was worth it.


Over the last few months, I’ve seen a Wonderbag, looked at it and then left it. This weekend however, I bought one and today tested it. I decided to make a stew. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a photographer not a chef, and seeing that today I was the cook, the photographs were quickly taken on my iPhone. 10.00am. After braising…

Victor & Hannah

Victor and Hannah invited us to their special wedding in Paarl today. Not taking any camera with me as I’m a guest, I still could not, not take any pics of the occasion. So, armed with my iPhone, I decided to take just a few pics for me and of course for them. I’m really impressed with the iPhone images and the apps available….


Fresh vegetables are good. Good to look at, good to smell, good to eat, and of course, good to photograph. These were done on a recent shoot with Arina Du Plessis from Landbouweekblad Magazine. It brought back memories of being on my family’s farm as a child, as well as “backyard farming” growing carrots and beans. Today however, my farming is limited to a…

Street Art

Walking is good for you, so they say, so I took a walk carrying my camera. As I walked I came across these beautiful works of art on the walls facing the street. I’ll be doing some more walking to see what I can find.

My Learning Curve

It is said that you can not fill a cup that is already full. To be filled again, it must first be emptied. This is where I’ll be emptying my cup and giving back what I have learnt. So here a new journey starts. Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. NL.