Radiant in white

Once upon a time in a land far away
Lived a young girl in a secret garden.
As the garden grew, so did she
And the time drew near for all to see.

People searched high and low,
But none could find her,
Till through the leaves they saw
The angel, looking over her.

All dressed in white,
Every colour did not seem as bright.
For when her light shone
She was captured in their sight.

Thanks to Shirley (gaurdian angle) at The Greenhouse at Montebello. The venue was perfect!

The people who searched:
Robyn Roberts: Couture
Anina Le Roux: Accessories
Lindsey Boucher: Hair and Make-up

Model: Erin Blows

NLP Bridal 300113 004

NLP Bridal 300113 049

NLP Bridal 300113 089

NLP Bridal 300113 122

NLP Bridal 300113 204

NLP Bridal 300113 226

NLP Bridal 300113 248

NLP Bridal 300113 262


When it comes to bridal accessories, Anina Le Roux of Lilyblue is the person to talk to. She asked me to photograph some of her latest accessories which will be going to her online shop. As the shoot progressed, Anna Geldenhuys of Jacoba Clothing joined us. She has a beautiful range of bridesmaids dresses which we used on the mannequin for our photographs. We also use a great classic wedding dress from Elbeth Gillis.

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