Eat Your Beer

Many people I know love to have a beer or two, especially around the fire while having a braai (BBQ), at night. This morning, one of my clients phoned me and ask if I have an image of beer somewhere in my archives. I don’t, but quickly added that I’ll make one for her as it was on deadline for this afternoon.

I sent a selection of glasses that I have at home for approval of what type of glass to use for the shot. Now for those of you who know me, I don’t drink, so no beers in the fridge. I went to shop close by, bought some beers, got ready for the shot and saw that the glasses that I was about to use were badly scratched. Off to the shops again to buy some beer glasses for the shot and voila, the shot was made, sent and approved.

Now what to do with all this beer. How about a beer bread? So I phoned my client, asked if she could remember where the beer bread recipe was that I shot a few years ago. Got the food book, Plaaskos, followed the instructions and as advised, put in some cheese for a twist on the original recipe and waited in anticipation for the result. Mmmmm. Yummy!

Shot, styled, eaten, but not drunk.

500g Self Raising Flour
5ml Salt
1 Tin of Beer (340ml)
1/2 Cup of Grated Cheese

Preheat oven at 180˚C
Sift flour and salt together in a mixing bowl
Don’t drink the beer, add it to the flour.
Add grated cheese and mix
Grease a small loaf tin with butter
Add mixture to loaf tin
Bake for about an hour.

Boerekos Video’s

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on Boerekos magazine which is due to be on the shelves on 1st September.

Here are behind the scenes video’s of two of the shoots.

– Boerekos

– Braai

– Padkos


It has been so exciting to have been part of the latest food magazine to hit South Africa. On 1st September, you will find this new addition on the shelves of CNA, Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Spar. So look out for Landbouweekblad – Boerekos.

Special thanks to Arina du Plessis, food editor for Landbouweekblad, for letting me be part of this.

For more info click here.


Over the last few months, I’ve seen a Wonderbag, looked at it and then left it. This weekend however, I bought one and today tested it. I decided to make a stew. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a photographer not a chef, and seeing that today I was the cook, the photographs were quickly taken on my iPhone.

10.00am. After braising the meat for the stew, I added the vegetables as chunky as possible for the ultimate test. Shallots, potatoes, carrots, along with whole tinned tomatoes, stock and spices, I brought everything back to the boil.

10.35am. I opened the Wonderbag and put the 5 liter pot inside, placed the lid on and fastened to bag.

Back to work.

5.05pm. Open the bag and removed the lid for the first time since 10.35am. Can’t wait to see what has happened since this morning. Mmmm, smells good.

Seeing that I only had one bag, I quickly made some rice to go with the stew on the stove. The stew was back on the stove for 5 minutes to bring back to the boil and left to rest again while the rice was cooking.

So, my question to myself and to you is…. When was the last time you made a stew in 40 minutes?
I know for me, it normally takes between 1 and a half to 2 hours on the stove, (in my case its gas).
I saved almost an hour of gas usage by using the Wonderbag. I didn’t have to worry about the food being burned as it used its own heat in the bag. The family was in agreement. The stew and the Wonderbag got a thumbs up.

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