Dining in the City

Being in Cape Town and looking for a restaurant for dinner can be a huge task as there are so many great restaurants to choose from. Cuisine from all around the world can be found here at this favored destination. Having had the opportunity to photograph some of the restaurants, two of them came to mind when having to make this choice for me and my family who were here for the holidays.

One of these was The Grand cafe & beach in Granger Bay. They are open for lunch and dinner, have a great menu to choose from and they have their own beach. I must honestly say, that it is due to the shoot at The Grand and their food, that fish was put back on the menu for me. One of the best fish served. So whether it be Kingklip, Calamari or Prawns, The Grand would be a great choice.

The other place that came to mind was Bukhara Indian Cuisine situated in the heart of the city. With a love for Nan bread, you can’t go wrong with Butter Chicken, Curry Prawns or one of the Lamb dishes. And don’t forget the finish it of with Shahi Tukara, Indian bread and butter pudding.

So where did we go and spend our evening?  D’ Angelo’s in Vredehoek. This traditional Italian Sport Bar was a great find. All six adults and two kids enjoyed the meal. Most certainly, one of the best Pizza’s, Sirloin steak and Alfredo tagliatelle. Magnifico.

Here are some images of The Grand and Bukhara.


It has been so exciting to have been part of the latest food magazine to hit South Africa. On 1st September, you will find this new addition on the shelves of CNA, Pick n Pay, Shoprite Checkers, Spar. So look out for Landbouweekblad – Boerekos.

Special thanks to Arina du Plessis, food editor for Landbouweekblad, for letting me be part of this.

For more info click here.


Over the last few months, I’ve seen a Wonderbag, looked at it and then left it. This weekend however, I bought one and today tested it. I decided to make a stew. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a photographer not a chef, and seeing that today I was the cook, the photographs were quickly taken on my iPhone.

10.00am. After braising the meat for the stew, I added the vegetables as chunky as possible for the ultimate test. Shallots, potatoes, carrots, along with whole tinned tomatoes, stock and spices, I brought everything back to the boil.

10.35am. I opened the Wonderbag and put the 5 liter pot inside, placed the lid on and fastened to bag.

Back to work.

5.05pm. Open the bag and removed the lid for the first time since 10.35am. Can’t wait to see what has happened since this morning. Mmmm, smells good.

Seeing that I only had one bag, I quickly made some rice to go with the stew on the stove. The stew was back on the stove for 5 minutes to bring back to the boil and left to rest again while the rice was cooking.

So, my question to myself and to you is…. When was the last time you made a stew in 40 minutes?
I know for me, it normally takes between 1 and a half to 2 hours on the stove, (in my case its gas).
I saved almost an hour of gas usage by using the Wonderbag. I didn’t have to worry about the food being burned as it used its own heat in the bag. The family was in agreement. The stew and the Wonderbag got a thumbs up.

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