Make Five – Maak Vyf

I’ve been working on a few projects with food consultant Heleen Meyer and was asked to shoot her new book for her, Make Five. (Available in Afrikaans as Maak Vyf). This book has been amazing to shoot and for me personally it has been a book I’ve really enjoyed shooting. I must thank Heleen for what I have seen as one of the best briefs that I have received for a book project with Pinterest mood boards and constant updates on our shots.

We were able to have the mood boards open on one of our computer screens while seeing what we were shooting on the other, making comparisons to lighting, depth and backgrounds choices etc. While Heleen and her team were busy with prepping and styling, I would be fine tweaking the photography to get each one just right before the final shot was taken.

The book contains easy recipes where one ingredient is used in five different ways. From salads, to side dishes and meals and never forgetting dessert like the delicious rose-water panna cotta with roasted strawberries.

Make Five is available through Heleen’s website, at book stores nation wide (South Africa), and can also be purchased online. For a video preview of the book, click here.




Dining in the City

Being in Cape Town and looking for a restaurant for dinner can be a huge task as there are so many great restaurants to choose from. Cuisine from all around the world can be found here at this favored destination. Having had the opportunity to photograph some of the restaurants, two of them came to mind when having to make this choice for me and my family who were here for the holidays.

One of these was The Grand cafe & beach in Granger Bay. They are open for lunch and dinner, have a great menu to choose from and they have their own beach. I must honestly say, that it is due to the shoot at The Grand and their food, that fish was put back on the menu for me. One of the best fish served. So whether it be Kingklip, Calamari or Prawns, The Grand would be a great choice.

The other place that came to mind was Bukhara Indian Cuisine situated in the heart of the city. With a love for Nan bread, you can’t go wrong with Butter Chicken, Curry Prawns or one of the Lamb dishes. And don’t forget the finish it of with Shahi Tukara, Indian bread and butter pudding.

So where did we go and spend our evening?  D’ Angelo’s in Vredehoek. This traditional Italian Sport Bar was a great find. All six adults and two kids enjoyed the meal. Most certainly, one of the best Pizza’s, Sirloin steak and Alfredo tagliatelle. Magnifico.

Here are some images of The Grand and Bukhara.


What Lisa Ate

While on the shoot we did for Virgin Active we had book in the studio of What Katie Ate and so the idea was put into action for food stylist Lisa Clark to do a take on the book, “What Lisa Ate”.

So hamburgers, ribs, samoosas and chips were the order of the day. Follow the links to the recipes.

Images were shot using daylight. Curtains were drawn to just let enough light through to the set which was placed 1meter away from the window.


Food Workshop

I was invited to do a food workshop at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography this afternoon. Setting up a food shoot in their studios with their equipment without a stylist but an eager group of 21 students was the challenge of the day.

We worked on shooting both flash and daylight options. We looked at shooting tethered for “immediate” review of the images and the importance of using a grey-card to colour balance the shots especially on a rainy day like today.

With the use of the flashes, we created a fresh “daylight” look and with a few light adaptors, we could change everything to a “dark moody” look. The use of a tripod, reflectors and mirrors were added into the setups. All that was left was to shoot a natural light option which we shot from the top.

With food photography, props and styling either make or break the images and of course there are the “tricks of the trade” that also come in. So a special thanks to Caro who not only organised the workshop but also brought all the produce and props to make our “dark moody” shot.


From a doctor’s heart – Recipe book

A while ago I mentioned that I was busy shooting a recipe book with Heleen Meyer named : From a doctor’s heart.  My copy has arrived and I’m looking forward to trying some of these recipes myself.

Thanks to Pharma Dynamics for the opportunity to work on this project and to the team who made it possible. To view the previous post please click here.

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Winter soup

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, we still have some cold nights ahead. Although we have had some really beautiful days, winter is still here and fireplaces are ready to be lit. So when it comes to food, a bowl of warm soup accompanied by a freshly baked ciabatta is perhaps the choice to make. So whether it be bean, lentil, lamb, noodle or chicken, the choice is yours to make and you can find the recipes here.

Shot on location with Arina Du Plessis from Landbouweekblad.


The Elvis Sandwich (Die Elvis-broodjie)

Elvis, better known for his music as the king of Rock, also had a passion for a special sandwich which has been named after him; “the Elvis sandwich”. As part of a food story on peanut butter, showing how to use this favoured ingredient, Arina from Landbouweekblad has put some recipes together from biscuits, tarts, brownies and ice cream, to the sandwich. Below are some of the images from the shoot, and you can find the recipe by clicking here.

The making of “the Elvis sandwich” has also been captured on video and can be seen here.



Waterblommetjies is one of the delicacies that we enjoy especially as a stew. I went with Arina Du Plessis to photograph the waterblommetjies being harvested on a farm near Worcester in the Western Cape. The reason for this outing was for the article to be seen on page 18 of the new Boerekos.

Not only did we see the beauty of the harvesting, but we returned to Arina’s studio to do the food shoot. So whether it is used as a stew, soup, preserve or soufflé, waterblommetjies is definitely on the menu this season.

Waterblommetjies (Aponogeton distachyos flowers, commonly known as Cape pondweed, Cape hawthorn or Cape asparagus) which are found in the dams and marshes of the Western Cape of South Africa.


Winter Warmers

Getting ready for winter in South Africa means that we have some good old winter food to look forward to. Shooting on location with Arina Du Plessis from Landbouweekblad magazine, we are doing the “Winter Warmers” article due for the 19th April issue.


Take a walk on the wild side. (Carnivores only)

Take a walk on the wild side of cuisine.

We have been shooting, I mean photographing, venison for the special winters edition of Landbouweekblad’s Boerekos. Normally not something that is readily available in the summer months, but Checkers South Africa has a variety of Springbok cuts. So, today’s specials are Springbok Pinotage burger with rocket, blue cheese and caramelised onions on the left. On the right we have aromatic slow braised Springbok shank and neck with Port that will be used as a venison pie filling.

I’m hungry, how about you. Please do not lick your screen. Maybe they’ll make a scratch and sniff one soon.