Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is one of those places that can be revisited over and over and every time you go, you find something new. As mentioned before in a previous post, Kalk Bay is a place a beauty and when a friend of mine suggested he wanted to take some early morning images, it was our first place of choice.

Being summer with the sun rising a 5.20am and setting at 8.30pm, we needed to start early to get that “first light” over the bay. We experianced a peaceful quietness being the first people in the harbour. Looking for where the light would fall once it rose over the cloud bank on the horizon, we set up our cameras to take the photo at the right moment. I chose to go for a graphic look of the harbour wall and tied some filter options to control the light in camera so as to do as little as possible in post production. Once satisfied with my shot, I was happy to relax as move around the harbour looking for some other options.

Kalk Bay harbour offers many photographic opportunities, provided you look for them. Some early morning fishermen made their way into the harbour and I saw an opportunity to shoot something else. After a brief conversation, one of the fishermen allowed me to shoot a silhouette of him against the bright morning light. Looking for other details around the harbour allows you to be creative and achieve other results. The key is to observe and wait for some of the moments in life before capturing them.

It always amazes me how two people can be at the same place at the same time and photograph it completely differently. My friend took some amazing images going for a super wide approach as to mine being graphic. It comes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we are all unique in the way we behold.

Kalk Bay will be seeing me soon again, not only for the harbour, but for the antique, clothing and collectors shops, stalls, deli’s and restaurants that it offers. It is a great destination with many variables.

Kalk Bay

The past few days I’ve had the urge to go to Kalk Bay. This picturesque place is not too far from where we live. About a 40 minute drive, provided there’s no traffic. I decided to park at the harbour, but the parking was full. Only as I walked closer did I see that it was not full due to parking, but rather due to construction. So my place of beauty was spoiled. But I continued to look around for a photographic opportunity. I walked along the smaller of the two piers, looked around and set up my camera. The weather was overcast, but a little bit of sun shone in the area. While I was setting up, I could feel the weather turn…..for the worse. My shot that I had in my viewer suddenly went dark, the sun was gone and in the distance the rain was falling. I took the shot then turned around to take another. With the wind picking up, I had to hurry, and before packing up, I shot the image of the entrance to the harbour. This is definitely my shot, the shot, as by now, the raindrops started to fall and I needed to run for cover. On the way back to the vehicle, I stopped, in the rain, to take the shot of the boat with the buoys.

Once I got back, the images were processed using Capture One Pro. Tweaking the colours , I  decided to make a black and white version of the images. I’ve always loved black and white and miss the smell of the darkroom. With a bit of digital burning, dodging and contrast control, I tried to get to the Agfa grade 4 black and white paper look of just a few years ago.



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