Glamorous Living

Nestled on the slopes of Camps Bay, is one of Judith Hendry’s latest works of interior design. With a brief of glamorous living and a undertone of purple found in anemone, this renovation project has become a house that is stately yet comfortable. The use of a softer grey, creates an elegant style with colours blending in to form a tranquil setting. Wooden ceilings are a great design feature accentuating the space of each room that they are in. Metallic wallpaper forms the central focal point between the dinning room and kitchen where the staircase behind it, leads to the family room with a similar pattern on the scatter cushions. The lounge is made up of three areas for versatile living. The TV area, fireplace and the drinks area which is hidden behind sliding panels. The entertainment room is filled with images from great musicians on a mirrored wall, while on the other side of the room is the big screen for the cinema. For the guest room, Judith asked for one of my images of Cape Town at night, which was printed as a Dibond, and hangs seamlessly on the wall.

The Hamptons

When asked to go to The Hamptons, one naturally thinks of getting on an aeroplane and heading off to Long Island New York.  In this case however, interior designer Judith Hendry transformed an ordinary Sea Point apartment in the ideal Hamptons apartment, just across the road from the promenade. I love the way the space has been redesigned adding huge value to every part of the apartment. The colours and textures used in the decor provide a calm and peaceful place of comfort.

Beautiful Home

I went to photograph interior designer Judith Hendry’s home in Stellenbosch. It is a beautiful home where each area has its own story and focal point.

The whole shoot was shot with daylight and when needed, one fill-in flash was used to fill the shadows. The flash was put through a white umbrella to help diffuse the light to still have soft shadows. This technique was mainly used in the bedrooms.

Also used was around reflector, using either the white or silver side to push some light into the shadows where the space was to tight to fit the flash.

The daylight and flash combination was also used for the portrait of Judith. Although the daylight was quite low and I needed to have a long exposure for the interior, the flash helped to “freeze” her and the dog, so that there is no movement on either of them.

Special thanks to Danny Toua for putting the shoot together as well as the styling.